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  • winter_wonderland_baby_shower_1
    Winter Wonderland Theme Baby Shower More... →
  • diy_crafting_project_abc_network_the_list_show_tanja_maduzia_losangeles_fortune_cookie_crafts_easy_cheap_best_bytanja
    ABC's 'The List' Crafting Segment: Easy DIY Valentine's Day Fortune Cookie Project

      Check out my latest crafting segment from ABC's 'The List' with the charming Conor Knighton: Here's what you need: - A few sheets of paper (in different colors) - Pencil/pen - Circular object to trace - Tape - Jar Here's what you do: - Trace and cut out a circle - Tape the edges […]

    More... →
  • bytanja_stationery_valentinesday_tanja_maduzia_losangeles_beverlyhills_red_cards_best_be_mine_holiday
    Happy Valentine's Day! More... →

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