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What to do with all that stuff

So you’re home from vacation and want to scrapbook your trip – what to do, what to do with all those maps, pamphlets, post cards and ticket stubs you’ve collected along the way…?

Maps: I love using them as background paper! Especially if they’re colorful, maps can tie in pictures, show the layout of the city and make a page more personal. Keep in mind some maps are a very thin and it might be best to matte them on card stock first.

Pamphlets and business cards: I like to collect a group and display them together on one page. Doing a simple technique like matting (using the same color family for card stock) and layering them over each other gives a nice consistency to a page.

Postcards: Crop them and use them as photos!!! They’re also usually on a very heavy card stock which is great for ripping and inking.

Books: Take them apart and pair pages of text to your photos to add information and history.

No matter where I go, I always try to pop in a stationary/paper store to collect supplies for my scrapbooks and cards. My preference is large wrap sheets that I take to the front desk of my hotel and chop up in smaller pieces so its easy for me to travel with. I ALWAYS bring a flat 12 x 12 carrying case with me so I can store my finds easily in my luggage!!





ABC ‘The List’ DIY How to: Handmade Mothers Day Card Crafting Segment

I had so much fun shooting a few crafting segments for ABC’s ‘The List’ with the very  funny, handsome, smart and charming, Conor Knighton. Here’s my segment of how to make a handmade Mothers Day card using just a few simple techniques…

Convincing Conor how much fun crafting can be

Little known fact: men don’t like to use glue sticks. I did not know this. Good thing I brought double sided tape

So serious when I craft

Finished! Conor channeled his macaroni art days and made this beautiful card for his mother. A+ student


A finishing touch

Simple touches can make big impacts on invitations, that’s why I try to incorporate seals on projects as much as I possibly can.

Why use seals? Along with starting/completing a design, a seal can be used to tie in themes, colors, information, initials (or sayings) and most importantly…close the invitation!

I chose to incorporate a felt duck (great to add texture and depth) and a bright orange ribbon for another pop of color. Since the enclosure is white, adding bold colors made a needed dramatic impression on such a blank canvas. However, keep in mind — because seals are often raised, by adding depth you will also be increasing the cost of postage. If you want to include a seal without the added charge go for a flat sticker and string (tie around multiple times to get a substantial effect) to your invitations instead!

Here are my inspirations for this piece…








Mix it up

I love solids, stars and stripes – especially when I’m able to mix them together! Here’s a sample of one of the new greeting cards I made today…

My inspirations…


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