Designer Denim Stationery

Recently, I overheard the news state that the average woman has 15 pairs of jeans in her closet. For curiosities sake I perused my own wardrobe and counted 23. Really...23? This number was a bit shocking to me because 1. Five out of  seven days a week I opt to trot around town in yoga pants and 2. I technically only wear six pairs. So why do I hold on to the rest? Well, because collectively they're worth roughly four round trip tickets to europe and some I have high hopes of fitting into again should I ever fall victim to a bout of food poisoning. If you're like me and want an alternative to making a trip to the Good Will to recycle your denim graveyard - get out your scissors, it's time to make some stationery!


It's easy, all you need is card stock, glue dots (double sided adhesive doesn't adhere well to denim), Tacky Glue on anything you wish to use on top for decoration and a X-ACTO gripster to give a worn effect.


Here is an example of custom denim stationery I made for a client...


My inspirations...








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