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DIY Heart Hot Air Balloon Pop Up Valentines Day Card

This Valentines Day I teamed up with Bottle & Heels to give a step by step how-to of one of my favorite handmade card designs! You need virtually no artistic skill (everyone can draw a heart and clouds) and it requires minimal tools that even if you’re not a crafter, you still probably have lying around the house. Click HERE for the link xoxo


ABC’s ‘The List’ Crafting Segment: Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Fortune Cookie Project


Check out my latest Valentines Day theme crafting segment from ABC’s ‘The List’ with the charming Conor Knighton:

Here’s what you need:

– A few sheets of paper (in different colors)

– Pencil/pen

– Circular object to trace

– Tape

– Jar

Here’s what you do:

– Trace and cut out a circle

– Tape the edges together

– Fold in half

– Pinch the crease

– Write a fortune

– Insert the fortune

Conor Knighton + Tanja Maduzia


ABC ‘The List’ DIY How to: Handmade Mothers Day Card Crafting Segment

I had so much fun shooting a few crafting segments for ABC’s ‘The List’ with the very  funny, handsome, smart and charming, Conor Knighton. Here’s my segment of how to make a handmade Mothers Day card using just a few simple techniques…

Convincing Conor how much fun crafting can be

Little known fact: men don’t like to use glue sticks. I did not know this. Good thing I brought double sided tape

So serious when I craft

Finished! Conor channeled his macaroni art days and made this beautiful card for his mother. A+ student


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