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Tis’ the season

Giving a holiday card is a thoughtful way to show loved ones you’re thinking of them, even if you can’t be together to celebrate.


ABC’s ‘The List’ Crafting Segment: Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Fortune Cookie Project

Looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day without the expenses? This DIY Fortune Cookie craft will have everyone thinking about how fortune-ate they are to have you! Break out the scissors; you’re going to give Cupid a run for his money!


Check out my latest Valentines Day theme crafting segment from ABC’s ‘The List’ with the charming Conor Knighton:

Here’s what you need:

– A few sheets of paper (in different colors)

– Pencil/pen

– Circular object to trace

– Tape

– Jar

Here’s what you do:

– Trace and cut out a circle

– Tape the edges together

– Fold in half

– Pinch the crease

– Write a fortune

– Insert the fortune

Conor Knighton + Tanja Maduzia


DIY Valentines Day Card Ideas

Kisses and hearts and love, oh my! Don’t let Valentine’s Day stress get to you. With these DIY Valentine’s Day Card ideas, you’ll be smooth sailing down lover’s lane!





ABC ‘The List’ DIY How to: Handmade Mothers Day Card Crafting Segment

I had so much fun shooting a few crafting segments for ABC’s ‘The List’ with the very  funny, handsome, smart and charming, Conor Knighton. Here’s my segment of how to make a handmade Mothers Day card using just a few simple techniques…

Convincing Conor how much fun crafting can be

Little known fact: men don’t like to use glue sticks. I did not know this. Good thing I brought double sided tape

So serious when I craft

Finished! Conor channeled his macaroni art days and made this beautiful card for his mother. A+ student


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